Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS

Brading Town Council receive many enquiries about the road network, speeding and Rights of Way.

Here are some of the things we have been asked in the past and some of the highway improvements that we have paid Island Roads to implement on our behalf:

1Can Stop signs be erected at the roundabout at Rowborough Lane/Coach Lane/High Street?

NO – Island Roads have stated that this cannot be legally carried out.

  1. Can a Speed-check survey be carried out in Coach Lane?

A survey was undertaken outside No.10 Coach Lane in August 2021.This showed that average speeds were 27mph and 85th percentile speeds 32mph. 2500 vehicles per day were recorded using the road during this period. A speed-check was carried out a couple of years ago, in the High Street.

  1. The bollard outside the Tudor Garden in the Bullring has been damaged and removed – is this to be   replaced?

Yes – Island Roads have confirmed that it will be replaced as soon as possible.

  1. The drain culvert at the junction of Doctors Lane/Coach Lane is blocked again – can this be cleared?

Yes – Island Roads have said that they have cleared the gully.

  1.  Loud exhaust bangs from specialist cars – can action be taken against these vehicle owners?

No – the police have confirmed that it would be difficult to taken action. The car owners successfully get their cars through an MOT test by removing the relevant parts and then re-fixing them once an MOT Certificate has been received.

  1. Can speed bumps be put in the High Street to slow down speeding traffic?

No – National guidelines now prohibit the insertion of new speed humps as they are not considered to be environmentally friendly (with vehicles slowing for the bump and then accelerating hard afterwards). They also cannot be put in a Classified A road, which the High Street is (A3055). It has also been pointed out that some drivers accelerate before the hump in order to take-off!

  1. Can more roads within the Parish of Brading be limited to a 20mph speed limit?

We have requested this in respect of a 20mph limit on all side roads. We understand from the IW Council that an Island-wide survey is currently underway, and when this has been completed they will look at our proposals together with other Parish requests.

  1. Can a flashing speed sign be put in New Road where the 20mph limit begins?

The Council have established that a sign would cost over £7000 when installed by Island Roads, and their annual maintenance fees have been included.

  1. Wrax Road surface is constantly being damaged – can anything be done about this?

No – Wrax Road is privately owned. The Town Council has however, been able to get agreement from Island Roads that they will regularly clear the drain at the New Road end to prevent build-up of gravel.

Brading Town Council operates a Traffic Working Party that consists of Councillors, Members of the public and representatives from the IW Council and Island Roads.

Here are a number of improvements that have been completed and paid for by the Town Council:

  1. Marshcombe Shute – new traffic sign indicating that road narrows and traffic may queue as motorists approach the 30mph limit when coming from Yaverland.
  2. Upper Adgestone Road – re-instatement of damaged surfaces to passing places.
  3. Bollards at Doctor’s Lane preventing traffic using the road as a ‘rat-run’ when High Street is closed. Doctor’s Lane is a ‘No Through Road’ as far as Kings Close.
  4. Reinstatement of damaged kerb stones within the Kynges Towne Estate.
  5. Provision of double yellow lines in West Street from Summers Hall to the Bullring for safety.
  6. Provision of double yellow lines in Quay Lane from The Pound to Cliff Close.
  7. Provision of new street sign for The Mall on the wall of the Tudor Garden.
  8. Upgrading of surface to Old Railway line between Quay Lane and Laundry Lane, resulting in inclusion on Definitive Map as Bridleway, Cycle track and footpath.