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I would like to say a massive thank you to the young volunteers for giving up their time and putting in SO much effort to fill up the sandbags for our local flood victims.

On Saturday 07th August Brading Town Council had a tonne of sand delivered to help our residents who are having problems with the flooding. Unfortunately, the company delivering to us let us down so we were very grateful to Ben Summers who picked it up and delivered it to us without any notice.

Six lovely young volunteers from Brading community kindly spent 5 hours of their Saturday moving a tonne of sand and then bagging it up and delivering it to Brading residents. CHRISTOPHER, LILY-MAE, SAM,CAITLIN, CHARLIE and MIA worked extremely hard and their behaviour was exceptional and they did not let the heavy rain put them off. The parents of these children should be very proud of their behaviour, manners and the physical effort that they put in to help Brading residents. I would also like to say a very big thank you to the MAYOR RICHARD HUDSPITH for giving up his afternoon and getting very wet to help us as well.

Please contact Brading Town Council if you need any sandbags on: 01983 401770 or email