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Highway Working Party

Photo of High StreetBrading Town Council leads a Traffic Working Party, made up of Councillors and local residents who have volunteered, to liaise with Island Roads and the IW Council on Highways issues.

As the Highway Authority, the IW Council is required to authorise any new expenditure incurred in respect of additions to the Project Network. Island Roads are their “Private Finance Initiative” partners and these works would be additional to the scope of the agreed contract. To obtain improvements and ensure adequate repairs are carried out, Brading Town Council must first submit their proposals to Island Roads, who then assess the situation, and before any work can begin, approval from the IW Council has to take place. As there are many many applications for work to be carried out throughout the Island, the proposals are all added to a “Network Integrity Register”, and the most urgent cases go closer to the top of the list. Island Roads MUST comply with the Road Traffic Act 1991 and therefore inevitably, some requests fail.

Photo of 20 mph signThe Traffic Working Party hold regular meetings to discuss complaints and requests from members of the public, and if problems can be resolved without referral to the IW Council or Island Roads, then the decision is referred to Full Council for ratification. Regular “Ward Walks” are held with representatives from the Working Party, our Ward Councillors, representatives from the IW Council, and representatives from Island Roads. Improvements and problems are discussed and processes put in place to try to resolve the issues to the satisfaction of all three organizations.