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Meet the Mayor

Photo of R HudspithThe Mayor

Councillor Richard Hudspith was elected as Brading’s Town Mayor in May 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there was no election in 2020. Elections resumed in 2021 and Concillor Hudspith was re-elected and will hold the position until May 2022.

The Mayor is elected annually at the May Full Council meeting.  Once elected he/she remains in office for one year.  The Town Mayor chairs the Full Council meetings and represents the town at civic and ceremonial functions.  He/she acts as an ambassador for Brading, promoting and upholding the character of the town and supporting community groups and projects.

If you would like the Mayor to attend an event please contact the Town Clerk.

Photo of J Graney

The Deputy Mayor

The Deputy Mayor  is Councillor John Graney.