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Navigating the new Website

A few tips to help you find your way around the new site. The menu of pages is almost identical to previous Town Council websites, so if you are a returning visitor you should have not much difficulty finding your way to what you are looking for. However below are a few points to bear in mind:

  • When viewing the website on a desktop computer there are hovering buttons to the the left that allow you to turn on and off a larger text size and/or a higher colour contrast version. These features are to help those with poor eyesight or impaired vision.
  • If you are viewing the website on a mobile device (such as a Tablet, iPad or mobile phone) the menu works slightly differently. When you press the main menu button at the top of the page, you will see small arrows next to each menu item. Pressing on these arrows expands the sub-menu such the different Committee pages when you press the arrow next to the Committees menu heading.
  • Meeting documents (Minutes & Agendas) that were previous in a list are now on a seperate Documents page, linked from the bottom of committee pages and the Concil Information menu.